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IHBV is an organization for knowledge, projects and networking meant to improve life for gifted and talented adults.


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Gifted adult students: tips on studying

A master thesis of a student at Open University The Netherlands (November 2013) informed us about a qualitative study into the studying experiences of gifted adults who went back to college. Based on this study, and combined with informal interviews with gifted adults, the following tips were formulated.



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SENG Conference 2013

The following presentations were given by Ms Noks Nauta and Mr Ido van der Waal during the SENG-conference Warm A Gifted Heart, July 19-21 2013:

Gifted seniors

Gifted at the doctor

Gifted adults and their conflicts in the workplace


The documented reactions during the workshops:

Reactions in workshop Gifted Seniors

Reactions in the workshop Gifted adults at the doctor


Other publications

The following publications are available in English:


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