Counselor Ph.D. LPCC G. (Grace) Malonai

Name: Ph.D. LPCC Ph.D. LPCC G. (Grace) Malonai
Profession: Counselor, Counselor
Specialty: I am specializing in counseling gifted adults, teens and children. I understand the quirky natures, the immense talent, and the many challenges associated with giftedness. I help with becoming more at ease with gifted traits, including high sensitivity, overexcitabilities and 2e issues (twice exceptional), whether you are a gifted adult who needs support and understanding, a parent seeking help, or just curious for more information. I also help gifted adults with career challenges and/or gifted executives with management concerns.


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Residence: Walnut Creek, California
Country: United States of America
Languages: English
E-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: #1 925 954 6229, #1 925 954 6229
Additonal information: I will Skype if it is allowed in the country of residence. However, I prefer VSee ( for video conferencing because it is free, private and secure (HIPAA complaint). See also: