De bomen en het bos Coaching

Name: F. (Frits) Visser
Profession: Psychologist, Psychologist
Specialty: Gifted


9 years experience in psychological help, and by now over 5 years experience as a Solution Focused Coach in area's of work and life. I am gifted mysef and have specialised in coaching gifted adults and young people (students age). My coaching is usually short (a few sessions).

Residence: Groningen
Country: The Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English
E-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: #31 50 549 2119, #31 50 549 2119
Additonal information: I am willing to coach within a Skype context, be it that I prefer to have a first contact via skype and after that via email contact. This is because I do not like the videocontact via the webcam: we can never look each other in the eyes, I find this uneasy. Email indeed produces even lesser contact but on the other hand gives me the possibilty to ponder a while about my answers in order to optimalise the coaching process.