Name: R. (Renate) van der Veen
Profession: Coach, Coach
Specialty: Coaching of gifted adults. In terms of methodology, coaching of gifted people is not a lot different from other people. However, there are specific themes that are more common for gifted people, such as: Ð Need for autonomy Ð make your own choices; Ð Great brainpower and the ability to see patterns and solutions, but not finding an audience; Ð Difficult relationships with executives; Ð A bore-out.


I am a member of the occupational network of coaches for the gifted, which was established by Mensa Nederland, the Dutch branche of the international High IQ society. I have been a member of this society since 1991 and I have the necessary life experience as a gifted person myself.

Residence: Frankfurt am Main
Country: Germany
Languages: Dutch, English, German
E-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: #31 6 1489 0474, #31 6 1489 0474
Additonal information: If you are a gifted adult near Frankfurt am Main or Amsterdam looking for a coach, I am happy to work with you.