Woltring Coaching – For highly gifted adults, ready to change

Name: MSc C (Chantal) Woltring
Profession: Coach/Counselor for the highly, exceptonally & profoundly gifted., Certified Facilitator SENG Model Parent Groups
Specialty: The highly to profoundly gifted. I focus on truly understanding you: who you are and what you value. Your identity, your value hierarchies. So you can design your life to be rich in meaning; balancing your need for autonomy with your need for connectedness. Distinguishing your own voice, from other's you may have internalized. Exploring, discovering and training new attitudes, behaviours and skills that better support your desired change. Releasing old habits, no longer necessary. My clients are often professionals: academic researchers, engineers, strategy consultants, doctors and business directors f.i.


I coach and counsel highly to profoundly gifted adults since 2007.
I am particularly effective for the rational minded, with an emotional development that never got a chance.
If you are not serious about changing, then don't hire me.
Start with me? Change you will.

I can combine a non-directive, sensitive, empathetic counselling approach, with a provocative coaching style.
I started out with gifted young adult drop outs at the unique Center for Creative Learning.
As the years went on my clientele got older (currently 35 to 65), shifted to highly, exeptionally and proufoundly gifted.
My style of interventions is rooted in developmental psychology (identity development), and influenced by my (industrial) engineering and business consultancy background. I find using system- and design thinking perspectives very effective.

E-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +31646156392
Skype consults: Yes
Additonal information: Looking for a new hobby?: I have danced and taught the 1930´s partner swing dance `lindy hop` since 1999. Funnily enough, it appears to be a style that attracts extremely intelligent people: the amount of creative professionals, academic researchers and other loveley zany people it attracts was quite suprising.