Maggie Brown
Naam: Dr. (Maggie) Brown
E-mail: [email protected] Telefoonnummer: +64 226704783
Beroep: Coach, Counsellor, Psychotherapeut, Therapeut, Trainer




Online and in-person - Gifted and 2E adults and their families. Skilled in multiple modalities, witha strong understanding of giftedness across the lifespan, C-PTSD, asynchronous development and more. Ph.D focused on gifted adults.


30+ years experience, international speaker and trainer.

BIG geregistreerd : N.v.t.

KRHB geregistreerd: Ja

Registered Psychotherapist (PBANZ); Psychology Society (NZPsS)
Aanvullende informatie:

Internationally known psychotherapist and speaker: specializing in giftedness across the lifespan with a special interest in adults of all ages.